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My goal is to free you from anxiety and depression, empower you with self-confidence and self-love and move you forward towards a life with value and purpose. 

Using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and Hypnotherapy, together we can find the root-cause of your problems, change your mind-set and change your life. 


Social Anxiety & Trauma


Is This You?

You are struggling to make sense of your life.  No one understands you. You don`t understand yourself. You feel unappreciated and often anxious.  At work, you are undervalued. But you never dare to ask for a raise. You feel panic speaking in front of others, for fear of being judged. 

You drift in and out of depression.  Maybe you have suffered trauma or physical or psychological abuse. You feel numb, without emotion and may self-harm.  At least that pain can be felt. The pressure of keeping up is insane. It`s like one big huge competition that can never be won. You try to stuff the big empty void inside yourself with drugs, alcohol, or food. With anything. You want to stop, but can`t. Anyway, what would be the point?

All you really want is to feel loved.  To feel enough, to be enough, to matter. You long for connection with real people. You long for real, meaningful relationships. You want to live a life with value and purpose, to have a future. 

But you just don’t know how. 

How I Can Help You


I can empathize with many of these issues, having personally experienced Social Anxiety. I lived for many years not feeling good about myself and leading my life to the tune of others. 

Now I live the life I choose, shining my own light, and my mission is to help others do the same.  

For a free 30 minute consultation, call me today:

Liz Naik +41 76 672 90 87 

Just imagine what Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can do for you!  Together we can change your life. 

All discussions are confidential and carried out with empathy, sensitivity and understanding. Sessions are held in a neutral, safe space, either in your own home via Zoom or Skype, or in-person.




I have just had an amazing RTT and Hypnotherapy session with Liz and I can't recommend this wonderful caring lady enough...she made me feel so at ease from the moment I spoke to her...she guided me through my session and I uncovered and released feelings that I have been carrying for years. I had a lightbulb moment as to why I have an autoimmune disease...she did lots of work with me during the session using something called command cell therapy...I felt it all just leave my body...after the session she sent me a personalised recording which was wonderful.

Thank you so much Liz`

Amanda C. United Kingdom 

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?


Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)  is a stand-alone therapy, which was founded by the world-renowned therapist, Marisa Peer.  Marisa created RTT using experience gained from successfully treating clients for more than 30 years.   RTT combines the positive aspects of hypnotherapy, along with unique tools designed by Marisa. herself. 

RTT is a method that truly empowers clients, and offers a powerful emotional release. It incorporates techniques, which enables the body to physically heal, as opposed to positive conditioning alone.

RTT can address traumas that have been held on to for many years, changing beliefs and allowing life-changing experiences. Most issues can be resolved in up to three sessions, resulting in permanent change.

Trauma & PTSD


Many individuals can experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic events.  Even apparently trivial events can be viewed from a child's perspective as dramatic, forming beliefs that can last a lifetime. Anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are just a few emotions that can linger from situations we have experienced.. 

I can help you overcome these symptoms by treating the source and guide you through the process of grief and healing. 


Anxiety & Addiction


Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience in our lives.  Many of us depend on addiction to things such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, food or even shopping in an attempt to fill the empty void within us or to simply numb the pain. 

I can find the source of your anxiety, and help to free you from your fear, depression and addictions. 



I had an RTT session with Liz about my poor concentration. Not only can I really focus and concentrate much better since the session, but my memory has also become much better. The audio recording helped to consolidate my transformation after the session. 

I can only recommend Liz out of deep conviction. She is a woman with a lot of life-experience, to whom I would also turn to with really difficult topics and issues, because she knows how to act out of deep compassion and empathy. Liz intuitively feels what the client needs right now in order to make big changes, and masterfully knows how to gently and lovingly work through the past to resolve the issues, together with the client. I would recommend RTT and Hypnotherapy with Liz at any time. I can only say thank you, as this session has developed my self-awareness further than I could have hoped. I am amazed at what has emerged from my past, that I would never have experienced simply through conversation or reflection.  

Sabine, Germany.


I had my first RTT™ session with Liz and it was absolutely amazing! I couldn't have imagined a better session. The information I was able to get was so helpful for me to understand where my issues were coming from. Liz personalized a recording for me, and it has been so great to listen to! It was important to me to start this healing journey with RTT™ so I can move forward quickly and start living the life I'm ready for! Thank you, Liz for helping me achieve my goals!  

Bekah M. Virginia, USA

Liz has a peaceful presence about her, this is the main reason I was pulled to her to discuss

Certain reasons why I self-sabotage. I want to be completely whole in who I am and what I am called to be in this world. I did 2 sessions with Liz on this and we brought my self-sabotaging down to where it actually came from, which was the womb. It was from that entry point that she worked with me to release and let it go, and it has gone, completely.

I thank God for bringing her into my life, and I am grateful for her input. Highly recommend Liz and her work, she is a truly amazing woman whose intention is to help others heal

Julz Mariu, Australia


The experience I had in my hypnotherapy with Liz was incredible. Before this, I’ve only heard the negative stereotypes of hypnotherapy and so I was sceptical. Liz was very welcoming. Before the actual session, she took her time to educate me and provide the facts of hypnotherapy and it’s proven medical benefits. She answered all my questions and never made me feel pressured or uncomfortable. Liz is passionate at what she does and knows the science behind it. 

After the session, I was amazed. Besides the effectiveness of reconnecting with distant memories and reasons for present issues in my life, I confessed to Liz at just how perfect her voice was for something like this. Something about her soft and pleasant voice soothes you and takes you even deeper into the hypnotherapy session. 

Thank you Liz. The session meant so much to me. It’s definitely something I’d want to recommend to my friends and family, especially with you.  

Vanessa C. California, USA


Rapid Transformational Practioner


Trained by Marisa Peer 

London, UK, February 2019

Rapid Transformational Therapist


Trained in RTT & Hypnotherapy by Marisa Peer School,

London, UK, March 2019

Certified Hypnotherapist


Trained in RTT & Hypnotherapy by Marisa Peer School,

London, UK, March 2019

Member of the International Association of Councellors and Therapists


IATC Exam :August 2019

Member of the International Council of Psychotherapists


August 2019

Love of Mind - RTT Hypnotherapy & Digital Wellness Coaching

Bsc. Hons. Biochemistry, 

University of Leeds, UK

Cancer Research &

Biotechnology Research Scientist

Quality Control Manager

Biotechnology Manufacturing Manager

Private English Teacher & Tutor

Cert. Hypnotherapist

Rapid Transformational Therapist

Digital Wellness Coach

Mother of Two Teenage Son

Born: Redruth, Cornwall, UK 

Languages: English & German

Lives in Switzerland

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